Enabling TLS on WeeChat

Enabling TLS/SSL on WeeChat is relatively simple.

Run the following commands, replacing <servername> with the name you have given the IRC network. If you are unsure what name you have given the network, you can run /server to view a list of servers (the output of this command should appear in the weechat buffer).

/set irc.server.<servername>.addresses
/set irc.server.<servername>.ssl on
/set irc.server.<servername>.ssl_verify on
/reconnect <servername>

If you are trying to enable TLS/SSL on a network other than xeroxIRC, make sure to replace in the above commands with the hostname of the IRC network.

The output of these /set commands should appear in the weechat buffer.

After reconnecting, you can verify that TLS is enabled by doing /whois <your nickname> and making sure <your nickname> is using a secure connection appears.