To connect to xeroxIRC, use Most of our servers are listening on ports 6667 and 6697 for SSL/TLS, with the exception of where only SSL/TLS is available.

All servers have verified SSL certificates. We recommend you use SSL/TLS at all times unless you have a good reason not to.

The servers can be directly connected to using the following addresses:

Address IPv6? Port SSL/TLS Port(s) Notes No 6667 +6697 Yes 6667 +6697 Yes 6667 +6697 Yes 6667 +6697 Yes None +6667, +6697 See Tor Relay for more information.

Some servers may be hidden from the above list as they are only for server-to-server connections.

NOTE: Connecting directly to a server does not ensure SSL verification, as the certs are issued to

Server map